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Plant Displays

Be it a formal display in a foyer or reception, next to a desk or in a corner of a room, plant displays have become an integral part of todays working environment.

Blending into the background, indoor plants make a room more comfortable, more friendly and less formally rigid! They increase humidity, absorb carbon-dioxide and in return release oxygen…which makes for a much nicer and fresher environment in which to work!

(We do have a full range of artificial varieties too should these be more appropriate!)

In the same way as for flower displays, we view the location of where the displays are to stand. Taking into account the surrounding conditions (e.g. lighting, drafts etc.) we are then able to make suggestions as to which varieties may be most suitable. We also have a wide range of containers for you to choose from to ensure the overall look and effect is just as you want.

Once installed, we can take care of all the necessary maintenance to ensure your plant displays look their very best and most vibrant each and every day…leaving you to get on with the day to day running of your business safe in the knowledge that your business environment and presentation will always be first class!

We can either arrange hire or purchase of displays with maintenance.